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" They use to say a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what 360 videos would offer you? "

360 Video Live Streaming Solution

Starting at 300 € per session

Expand your reach & give your audience an exclusive experience on premium platform with ticketing

Immersive Pictures For Google Maps &
Facebook Business

Starting at 150€ per project

Boost Your SEO | Be visible first | Attract a curated clientele

Social Media Creative Content

Starting at 100€ per post

Engage with your audience | Creative content and Innovate your profile | Vibe in 360 Degrees

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Business Account

Get Curated Customers

Build an immersive profile and get the customer who fell in love with your business

Build New Relationship

Allow new customers to discover your services and new relationship to be created with your profile

Interact & Connect

Create push notifications on our platform and interact directly with our community to share your offer

Maximize Your revenue

Get people to come to your happy hour and stay for dinner!

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Individual Account


Get Access to Live Content from our exclusive content such as Concert, Comedy Show, Circus Show, Opera and more!


Preview new places and dive into the next best place thank to our 360 images of restaurant and local businesses in Global Cities such as New York, Boston or Los Angeles


Stay tuned to the most updated Happy Hour and selected offers from our partners across the world, where ever you go we'll have an option for you