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Our story

Vibeat360 is a platform where people can explore their environment in 360 degree and benefit from the greatest local offers that surround them 

Vibeat360 initially started at Columbia University in 2018 as an attempt to help the School Community to discover the neighborhood and what their local businesses have to offer. 

Being an international student and stranger to New York was often overwhelming, and exploring my surroundings between class and work was daunting and time consuming. 

To ease the process, I decided to crowd-sourced local deals from local vendors, restaurants, friends and looked at an easy way (360 degree it was) to share it with the rest of my community and New York City. 

Today, we continue to grow in Morningside Heights and are welcoming other neighborhoods and boroughs ! 

Florian - Founder
Max - Technical Consultant
Chloe - Designer
Victor - Designer

The Team

Our creative team